No, thank you. If it’s all the same to you, I won’t wallow in your germs, dirt, and dead skin.

It can’t possibly just be me that finds the thought of sharing a tub of bubbling, lukewarm water with a group of other people toe-curlingly awful?

Let me explain that, in no way am I anti-social. I like company, and I also enjoy being just with my wife. …


You sort of know what to expect in general, but expect to be taken aback if you ever pay a visit

Nepal. That’s just the Himalayas, temples, and curries, isn’t it?

Those were pretty much our ignorant preconceptions before we visited on a 10-day tour last year. …

This last year has been a challenge, and as it’s finally easing, don’t risk injury by heading straight back to your normal workouts.

After a year with gyms closed, a lot of us have let things slip. And, as lockdowns across the world are starting to ease, meaning that gyms and exercise classes are staring to reopen, there is a temptation to jump straight back into exercising at full tilt.

Instead, why not…

It’s a small gesture but left undone. It can cause all manner of upset

Picture the scene; I am driving along the road, not a care in the world, paying attention to my fellow drivers, and, all in all, enjoying life. The sun is shining. I’m not late. …

Some parts of our lives just don’t need feedback

How did we do today?

Tell us what you think.

Let us know what you think.

Give us a score

Rate us

Just take a few moments to tell us how we did

Everywhere you turn someone, somewhere is asking for feedback on their performance.

It seems to me that…

You think it’s all plain-sailing for the world’s best-known writers? Think again.

It’s shocking to think just how close we came to some our most-loved pieces of writing never actually making it to the stores.

It’s well-documented how many times famous writers had their books rejected by publishers. But what about the other ‘almost didn’t make it’ stories, where, but for a…

What we can all learn from my failings in front of a mic.

Yesterday, I was clearing out our loft in preparation for a house move, and I pulled down one of the plastic boxes and, like we all do, I was curious to see what was inside.

On the top was a diary from 1991, and wedged inside the diary was sheet…

How many of these do you use? Come on, be honest.

If you have a blog, a profile on Medium, or any other platform, online or otherwise, then you’ll need to create content.

And creating content relentlessly is hard, isn’t it?

There are few incontrovertible truths in this world, but one of them is that at some point or other you…

Why we should all make time to step off the hamster wheel of life once in a while.

We live in a world where being busy, and most of all, being seen to be busy is worn like a badge of honour. There seems to be real kudos in boasting about working as many hours as possible.

Ask yourself how many times do you hear in the office…

I feel marginalized

Today, I thought I’d treat myself to a new suit.

The ones I've been wearing are starting to look like they've seen better days, which, to be fair, they have. …

Glyn Bawden

An ex-teacher, aspiring writer. Trying to be healthy but still loving wine. Love to travel.

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