How You Can Make it as Big as ‘The Simpsons’

Photo by Stefan Grage on Unsplash

How It All Started

In the late 80s, producer James L Brooks was working on ‘The Tracey Ullman Show’ and wanted a brief segment of animated shorts before and after the commercial breaks. He approached cartoonist Matt Groening whose work he was familiar with.

Yellow skin: why… if you’re flicking around with your channel changer very fast and you zoom by The Simpsons there’s nothing else that looks like them on TV, so therefore we stand out.

‘We stand out.’

How Did It Work?

It’s that simple. In a morass of shows on TV, with hundreds of channels to choose from, they needed something to stand out against the competition. Something that would give them an initial advantage over the other shows. Something that would make the audience stop for just a few seconds longer and pay attention.

How Will You Stand Out?

Now take a look at what you’re doing. I’m guessing that because you’re on a platform like Medium, you want to write. Maybe you have a blog, maybe you do some freelance work?

Find Your Llama

I read a post on Medium recently from Zulie Rane ( This Brilliant Marketing Strategy Costs $0.12 ) about a gas station that had a llama to pet and was causing folks to stop, fill up , spend money petting the llama and then buying other goods.



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Glyn Bawden

Glyn Bawden

An ex-teacher, aspiring writer. Trying to be healthy but still loving wine. Love to travel.