Is Your Success or Failure Just a Question of Persistence?

Will persistence alone really get you there in the end? ( Source Henri Picot/ Unsplash)

Are You Dancing?

When I was studying for my degree many years ago, every Friday we’d go to the college disco and settle into our groups and enjoy a good night.

The Wheel of Fortune

When I worked in financial sales years ago(before cold-calling was demonized) one of our managers came up with the ‘Wheel of Fortune’.

My Parkrun Lessons

A few years ago, after some cajoling from a friend, I started doing the weekly 5k parkrun. I’m not a runner, not by any stretch of the imagination but I went along and my goals were, and remain to this day, ‘don’t stop’ and ‘don’t come last.’



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Glyn Bawden

Glyn Bawden


An ex-teacher, aspiring writer. Trying to be healthy but still loving wine. Love to travel.